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Recruitment Planning and Feasibility

Accurate feasibility that includes forecasting, market research and market planning are the steps necessary for recruitment success, establishing realistic budgets, and achieving timelines.

We have demonstrated time and again, that one week of planning by us can often accelerate patient recruitment by two to three months. Setting up patient recruitment for success requires our selective services:

  • Feasibility Studies – To ensure that patient recruitment is maximized.
  • Forecasting – Models the flow of patients through the study, and sets patient recruitment targets to achieve evaluable patients at study conclusion.
  • Media Analysis – Our media strategists evaluate different communications and advertising options to determine the most cost effective methods of reaching a study’s population.
  • RACE™ (Recruitment Assessment-Capacity Evaluation) – A unique programme that effectively models resource needs by study site to effectively achieve accelerated patient recruitment goals. In this way, sites are assured that the rate of referrals is paced to what they can handle.
  • CTIP® (Clinical Trials Implementation Process) These interactive workshops (usually held in conjunction with Investigator Meetings), provide site staff with the training necessary to ensure effective informed consent communications, thereby sharing best practices and strategies for identifying and recruiting patients.