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Patient Pre-Screening: Online and by phone

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MediciGlobal’s ProtoCall® call center provides the quality and flexibility you need to meet your screening objectives.

Why? From designing screeners to contacting patients, we’re a totally integrated in-house system.  ProtoCall®, our call center, has a long track record of success in managing call center activities for both U.S. and international clinical studies. 

Our experience coupled with our totally integrated system assures that we can instantaneously react to the challenges that may arise in your study – an advantage not available with other call centers.

Whether it’s by phone or on the web, your prescreening efforts will be accurate, cost-effective, confidential and regulatory compliant.

Services include:

  • Screener design
  • ProtoCall® global pre-screening center
  • Web-based screening
  • SMART® Metrics to track recruitment performance