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Graphic Design and Creative Development

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Award winning programme materials make the difference.

The backbone of a strong recruitment campaign and a retention programme is its support materials.  When you work with MediciGlobal, you’ll have an award-winning team of writers and designers on your side. 

Our in-house creative team delights in making complex scientific information accessible and understandable. The result? Materials that inform and motivate patients, parents and family members.

Stressing the quality of materials can often be overlooked. But the messaging, design and content can account for 30% of your recruitment response.

We customise site recruitment kits to your needs developing tools that can:

  • Inform patients about the study
  • Support the Informed Consent process
  • Refer patients from one site to another
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments
  • Educate and support compliance throughout the study

Our Study Portfolio shows examples of our work.