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Finding Patients Lost-to-Follow-Up

Lost to follow up (L2FU®) rates can range from 20- 60%.

imageLTFU® can result in study delays, increased patient recruitment costs and compromised study data. To improve efficiency, Sponsors seek the services of MediciGlobal in proactively recovering LTFU study subjects. Our success in recovering lost-to-follow-up patients ensures that nearly all patient data is accounted for.

In a risk averse global regulatory climate, regulatory agencies are requesting that all study subjects be accounted for in the application for approval process. Our team works in 3 ways:

  • proactive development and implementation of patient retention programmes
  • recovery of patients already lost-to-follow-up and
  • ongoing just-in-time lost-to-follow-up

This support allows study coordinators to focus their time on patients still in the study while delivering necessary data to Sponsors for drug approvals.