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MediciGlobal accelerates patient recruitment, improves patient retention and delivers results.

Every patient recruitment-retention programme developed by MediciGlobal is created with strategic clarity, targeted outreach, skilful execution, and constant performance monitoring to deliver patients. These steps minimise financial risk and are critical to the successful completion of a clinical trial on time and on budget.

Today more than ever, proactive patient recruitment programmes conducted by MediciGlobal are helping companies to maximise their cash reserves by avoiding costly delays caused by the inability to find patients.image

The clinical trial process is the single most expensive and lengthy period in the development of new medical treatments and devices.

Less than 20% of Life Sciences companies (pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices) complete their clinical plans on or ahead of schedule. As a result of patient recruitment delays, operational burn rate is high. We can change this.

Since 1991, MediciGlobal has helped companies to accelerate their timelines 90% of the time! Let us help you achieve your patient recruitment-retention goals.