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Company Fact Sheet

Industry Overview:

  • The clinical trial process is the single most expensive and lengthy period in the development of new medical treatments and devices.
  • Fewer than 20% of Life Sciences companies (pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices) complete their clinical plans on or ahead of time.
  • 75% of clinical trials are delayed due to slow enrolment.
  • It is estimated to cost about $1.25 billion to bring a new medicine through the drug development process.

Company Overview:

  • Only a handful of companies can claim two decades of exclusively focussing on patient recruitment and retention.
  • MediciGlobal is a specialty patient recruitment-retention firm, dedicated to accelerating the clinical trials process.
  • 88% of MediciGlobal’s patient recruitment programmes complete enrolment on or ahead of schedule.
  • 100% of MediciGlobal’s VIP® patient retention programmes have successfully retained patients.
  • Over 200 recruitment programmes have been successfully implemented by MediciGlobal in therapeutic areas including CNS/Mental Health, Vaccines and Metabolic Disorders, and Pediatrics.
  • MediciGlobal owns proprietary technologies specifically for patient recruitment and retention. These technologies accelerate recruitment launch time globally and collect and report performance metrics to deliver recruitment faster.
  • MediciGlobal has earned 18 awards in the last several years for the best patient recruitment and retention materials (electronic and print).
  • MediciGlobal is headquartered in Philadelphia, US and London, UK.
  • Today, MediciGlobal is the global leader in marketing clinical trials to patients, caregivers and health care providers.