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Bernard Hall


Bernard Hall

Bernard Hall is the L2FU® Program Manager at MediciGlobal, the global leader in marketing clinical trials directly to patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. With over 10 years of working directly with the public Bernard brings his proficient communication skills in to managing and supervising MediciGlobal’s L2FU program.  Bernard brings our clients peace of mind each and every day through his comprehensive management of L2FU.

He is also in charge of keeping records and actively updating all MediciGlobal staff members in accordance with HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliance. He routinely checks all offices, cubicles and common space to assure that our working environment remains HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant, guaranteeing our clients the most confidential atmosphere available.

Prior to his position with the MediciGlobal team, Bernard worked for the Philadelphia School System for many years. He began teaching all subjects at a Christian Charter School when he realized that his passion was for those who needed more than knowledge from him. Bernard moved into the public school system where he worked with teens suffering from severe behavioral problems – he became their sole ally during the school day. He also worked as a teacher’s aide for autistic children in the school system. Throughout his professional career Bernard has felt compassion for those in need and searching for help.

Bernard attended the Community College of Philadelphia, majoring in Computer Assisted Design Technologies, (CADT).