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Pediatric ADHD Insomnia Studies
for Pediatric; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Insomnia


  • Recruit and then retain an even split of boys and girls, in two age groups: 6 – 11 years and 12 – 17 years for two studies. All recruitment must be targeted to the child’s parents, with retention targeting both children and parents.


  • A stratified campaign, supporting all sites with site-based materials and highly targeted eMarketing, with traditional offline marketing offered to ‘performing’ sites where appropriate. While the eMarketing campaign tapped into established channels, such as banner and keyword advertising, emerging channels such as Facebook advertising were also incorporated.
  • A range of materials were developed to meet the three key retention objectives: educate parents (and children) about the condition, and what their involvement in the study entails; remind parents about study appointments; and reward children (and parents) for complying with the protocol and completing their study visits.


  • eMarketing was by far the most cost-effective and productive outreach method, with Facebook providing over 40% of referrals alone, and banner advertising a further 39%. By monitoring the performance metrics on a daily basis, the eMarketing team was able to quickly adjust and adapt the tactics to maximize return on investment.
  • Recruitment completed 2 months early for the first study, with the second study still enrolling. As both studies are still open, retention data are not yet available.

Project Scope: Develop a marketing plan, and support US study sites, to recruit and retain children with ADHD-related sleep problems for two clinical research studies.

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