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The Information MediciGlobal Offers

MediciGlobal does not intend the information offered on either its corporate web site or its clinical trial web sites for patient recruitment, patient retention, or those intended for educational purposes, to replace the information, advice, or relationship of the visitor’s personal physician.

Content for this and other websites developed by MediciGlobal is developed by members of MediciGlobal’s team in consultation with clinical trial sponsors and medical staff. All information and content is reviewed and approved by independent ethics boards (IRBs) prior to being posted by MediciGlobal.

All information developed for MediciGlobal's corporate web site and its sponsored sites is authored by MediciGlobal.

MediciGlobal's Advertising Policy

MediciGlobal does not display advertising on either its corporate web site or sponsor websites developed for patient recruitment, patient retention or educational purposes.

Changes to MediciGlobal's Policies

As more services are offered on various web sites developed and managed by MediciGlobal, and as privacy laws and regulations evolve, it may be necessary to periodically revise our Privacy Policy or Ethics Information. Within 30 days in advance of a substantial change to our Privacy Policy or Ethics Information, MediciGlobal will take reasonable steps to notify you through e-mail or regular post mail. We will also post any substantial changes on the home page of our corporate web site.

How to Contact MediciGlobal

You may update or remove the information you provided to MediciGlobal by contacting our Privacy Officer at +1 877 271 6914 or +44 (0)20 8834 1447. You may also send an e-mail to ..  To protect your privacy and security, we take reasonable steps to verify your identity before updating, correcting or removing your information from our database. The information you provide is archived in accordance with our standard operating procedures.