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Certified BBB OnLine®

MediciGlobal is one of only 700 companies in the U.S to be certified by the Better Business Bureau's BBBOnLine® for its study-specific Web sites.

imageAfter a an extensive review of web sites developed by MediciGlobal, as part of the patient recruitment process for each clinical research study, as well as our corporate web site, online privacy policy and data privacy procedures, BBBOnLine® granted us the BBB OnLine Privacy Seal.

“MediciGlobal qualifies for the BBBOnLine Privacy Seal by demonstrating to their clients and to patients considering clinical trials, that they care and respect the treatment of personal data,” said Ken Hunter, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. “The BBBOnLine Privacy Programme builds on eight decades of Better Business Bureau experience in fostering ethical business practices through voluntary self-regulation programmes.”

The Council is the umbrella organisation for the 128 BBBs in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and the parent organisation of BBBOnLine.

We have shown a dedication to protecting our online customers’ privacy; specifically persons inquiring about participating in clinical trials. We participate in the BBBOnLine Privacy Programme and post the BBBOnLine Privacy Seal on specific sudy website as well as our corporate website.

About BBBOnLine

BBBOnLine brings the Better Business Bureau system’s 90 years of experience in consumer protection and business self-regulation to e-commerce. Guided by its mission to promote consumer trust on the Internet, and working in concert with the 140 local BBBs in the U.S. and Canada, BBBOnLine encourages sound and ethical online business practices through its Privacy and Reliability programme and the BBB Code of Online Business Practices.

Additional information about the BBBOnLine Privacy and Reliability Seal Programmes can be found at BBB OnLine