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About MediciGlobal

Recruitment. Retention. Results.

imageMediciGlobal® is a specialty patient recruitment-retention firm serving the clinical trials industry. Liz Moench’s founding vision in 1991 was to create a company that addressed the primary cause of clinical trial delays: ineffective patient recruitment.

An industry pioneer, Liz Moench introduced the first direct-to-consumer advertising programme for a prescription drug. Nearly a decade later MediciGlobal launched the first patient recruitment programme for an oncology trial. The company continues to lead the industry in developing innovative patient recruitment-retention programmes around the globe.

Over the years we have saved companies time and money by delivering their studies on or ahead of schedule, and within or under budget.

Recognised for a track record that spans over two decades, we are a world leader in patient recruitment and retention, and a preferred provider to a number of biotech and pharmaceutical companies of varying sizes.

With corporate offices in Philadelphia, U.S. and London, U.K, MediciGlobal utilises proprietary technologies to rapidly deliver recruitment-retention programmes globally, with local implementation. Our cross-cultural team delivers innovative programmes that meet the cultural and regulatory framework required by each country.