MediciGlobal accelerates, tracks, analyzes and implements clinical trials faster and more accurately than any other organization. Our determination to increase participation, reduce costs and accelerate timelines is part of our greater mission to help build a healthier world, one clinical trial at a time.

Our purpose is patients. They are at the heart of everything we do.

MediciGlobal was founded by Liz Moench, a seasoned clinical trial professional dedicated to innovation, quality results and transparent processes. She has surrounded herself with a leadership team that shares her passion for building a healthier world one clinical trial at a time, and for educating society about the pivotal role of clinical research in medical advancements.

MediciGlobal has 24 years of experience delivering clinical trial recruitment results for 200-plus programs in more than 60 countries around the world. We rely on patented technologies, proven methods, unique digital strategies and the most innovative minds in the business to create customized programs for our clients. We are determined to deliver recruitment results on or ahead of schedule, even when working with hard to reach or rare disease populations.

MediciGlobal has empowered millions of people with information about clinical trial opportunities that have resulted in new treatments for epilepsy, pain management, depression, anxiety, diabetes, breast and ovarian cancer and many more.

Our Approach:

Partnering with MediciGlobal is simple. To accelerate patient recruitment, improve patient retention and deliver measurable results for our clients, we rely on the expertise of our team and our tried-and-true methodical approach.


We partner with you to understand your unique recruitment goals and challenges.


We design a custom program, bearing in mind the particulars of your therapeutic area, target group, goals, timeline and resources.


We leverage more than two decades of proven tools and tactics, as well as cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to implement your program.


We'll adjust the plan as needed, relying on real-time metrics to help us make the decisions necessary to reach your goals, on time and on budget.

The result? Results. MediciGlobal has completed more than 200 programs in various therapeutic areas, with a 94% overall success rate for patient recruitment and retention programs.

To every project we bring:

Thought Leadership

We're proud to be industry pioneers, and to be called upon frequently to speak to the media and our industry about recruitment and retention best practices.


As global leaders in patient recruitment and retention, we feel it's our duty to continue to test new approaches, to never stop innovating and to continue to set — and reset — industry standards.

Global Perspective

With offices in the U.S. and the UK, we offer a truly global perspective and are experts at managing cross-cultural campaigns.


Our mission to exceed recruitment goals is part of a greater goal: to build a healthier world.

Digital Expertise

Our digital strategies are best-in-class, our social campaigns unparalleled. We're helping our clients reach qualified patients in ways they never thought imaginable with the help of robust, owned content channels, sophisticated social media tactics and a host of tried and true digital strategies.


Every decision we make is based on real-time analytics. We believe in transparency and accountability, and employ a data-driven approach that ensures our strategies are thoughtful and effective.

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