The global leader in patient recruitment and retention for clinical trials, with a 24-year track record of success and innovation.

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MediciGlobal accelerates, tracks, analyzes and implements clinical trials faster and more accurately than any other organization. Our determination to increase participation, reduce costs and accelerate timelines is part of our greater mission to help build a healthier world, one clinical trial at a time.

94%Overall Success Ratefor patient recruitment and retention programs

200+Completed Programswith successful results in various therapeutic areas

30+Patient Communitiesmany of which are the largest in the world for their respective therapeutic areas

MediciGlobal’s proprietary technologies and proven methods help accelerate timelines while cutting costs. It’s no surprise we were voted the #1 patient recruitment company by study coordinators.

Our tools include:

Two decades of experience. Hundreds of successful studies. Here’s a sampling.

Alzheimer’s Disease

MediciGlobal has extensive experience with this therapeutic area. We've developed a recruitment program that includes print and digital marketing components and a Facebook community of more than 200,000 members, Alzheimer's Team. Additionally, we built an online resource site where patients and caregivers can learn more about the condition.

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Pediatric Schizophrenia

We helped a top-tier pharmaceutical company recruit for a clinical study evaluating an adult-approved medication for treatment of children with schizophrenia. We used focus group research to develop a comprehensive national program that included creating literature, investing in advertising and forging strategic partnerships with mental health associations to reach teenagers and their caregivers.

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Pediatric & Adolescent

Depression Study (RMDD)

This psychotic depression study was at risk for missing subject recruitment objectives. We drew on our extensive experience with the therapeutic area and created a print and digital marketing plan that targeted patients and caregivers. Our efforts improved recruitment and ensured our client met its recruitment goals.

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The Asthma Study

Our VIP ® Study Coordinator Support Program motivated study staff to achieve best practices for a clinical trial highly dependent on their interaction with study patients. Study enrollment was completed ahead of schedule and patient retention goals were achieved by a motivated study staff.

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Pulmonary/Respiratory Diseases

Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Study

We utilized focus group research and created material tailored to both parents and children to help provide site support for this FDA mandated pediatric clinical trial run by a top tier pharmaceutical company.

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